Acorn and RISC OS

We still develop and sell, Acorn and RISC OS products at largely discounted prices. You can either view our online shop here or perform 'quick-click' purchasing by clicking on one of our best selling products below.


PowerZip for Workstations

PowerZip is our best selling driver software for Iomega Zip drives! With support for parallel port Zip, Zip+ and Zip250 drives, PowerZip is a market leader in this arena! Click here for more information

A shareware version of this product is available here.


PowerIDE for Workstations

PowerIDE is the only available partitioning software for ADFS drives! Ideal for RISC OS versions prior to 3.6, allowing a big drive to be partitioned into 4 smaller drives! Click here for more information


12 months maintenance

Support and new features for the next 12 months. Click here for more information

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