At Partis Computing, we thrive on creating new and innovative products, as well as the more 'normal' products and contracts. We have, since the early 1980s, developed for a wide range of markets and clients, yet do not charge the same extortionate rates as the 'Big Boys' in the consulting arena.

In this ever-changing world, we endeavour to ensure that all new advances in technology are used to bring the best to our products. From emerging design methodologies to new architectural CPUs and buses, we assess them all to find the most economical, reliable, flexible and industrial strength solutions.

We also sell MDOS, our customisable embedded Operating System. MDOS is a highly scalable OS which allows for the deterministic requirements of an embedded OS and yet can be used as a general purpose OS for desktop type platforms. See here for further information.

A brief synopsis of our skill set :
  • USB devices and associated host computer drivers
  • Custom Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Usage of many CPUs (6502, 680x0, 80x86, ARM, 1802, 8051, Z80, PIC, M16C, PowerPC) at assembler and hardware level
  • Extensive OS engineering and drivers (Windows, Linux, RISCOS, FreeRTOS)
  • Build Linux systems from scratch with custom kernels and associated packages
  • Digital hardware design
  • Peripheral design and associated host computer drivers
  • VHDL design for FPGAs and ASICs including test vectors for physical fault coverage
  • Reliable communication systems for distributed processing real-time systems
  • Standard RF protocols including Zigbee and BLE
  • Custom RF protocols utilising FHSS and TDMA etc
  • Design and implementation of BMS (Battery Management Systems) hardware and software
  • Cryptographic (Encryption) and PKI systems
  • Specialisation in code/data space and performance optimisation via hand coded assembler
  • GUI front end systems for Windows, Linux and RISCOS
  • 3D universe graphical rendering and real-time graphics
  • PHP programming including SQL

All custom products come with the following deliverables (where appropriate) :
  • All source code and HDL with embedded annotation
  • Full software and hardware documentation
  • Test systems and rigs

Information on past products is available here.

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