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Adelian started life as a 'test bed' for our MDOS embedded OS, and has since grown into a general purpose operating system. It's core is still rooted in embedded OS territory, being a deterministic multi-targetable nano-kernel.

Adelian is a small and fast replacement Operating System for desktop, laptop and netbook computers, or indeed any system which requires a general purpose Operating System with a GUI.

Adelian will be supplied with the normal 'office' type capabilities, such as email, web browsing, word processing, spread sheets etc.

Adelian is NOT 'tied' to PC type systems; as ARM (Acorn) and 68K (earlier Apple Mac, Atari ST and Amiga) systems are also supported.

Adelian can be ported to a new CPU and/or platform (such as smartphones, netbooks et al) quickly due to it's simplistic (yet powerful) design.

Adelian is NOT another Linux or other common OS variation. It is built on our MDOS, which is a nano-kernel, complete with associated support drivers and tasks.

Adelian is 100% UK designed and developed. More specifically, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

For further information about the 'inner workings' of Adelian, please see

Some of Adelian's native features include :

* Extremely small and fast installation
* Extremely fast boot time
* Extremely small memory footprint
* Optimised for high performance and low power consumption
* Fast 'implied' HAL (hardware abstraction layer)
* 100% modular design
* Multiple file system types (FAT12/16/32, SFS, ISO9660, ADFS et al), with a generic top level VFS
* Mass storage support includes floppy, (E)IDE, Floppy, SCSI, ATAPI (CDROM et al) & SD/MMC
* Fast video drivers
* Keyboard and mouse drivers
* Simple audio driver
* Full windowing GUI
* Networking via TCP/IP with ethernet card and SLIP/PPP drivers
* Standard networking protocol libraries (POP3, SMTP, FTP, Telnet et al)
* Local lightweight SQL server (currently based on SQLite)
* Many additional libraries (cryptographic, compression, RTC, serial, parallel, SPI, IIC et al)

Some of the forthcoming 'Office' type applications :

* Filer - File system navigation
* Edit - Text editor
* Paint - Graphic editor
* Draw - Vector grahics editor
* Write - Word processor
* Calc - Calculator
* Sheet - Spreadsheet
* Data - Database management and scripting
* Show - Presentation Manager
* Web - Internet Browser
* Talk - Email, Instant Messaging, Fax, NewsGroups, and contact management

Some example minimum requirements :

* PC - i386 running at 8MHz with 2MBytes of RAM and VGA
* Acorn - ARM2 running at 8MHz with 2MBytes of RAM
* Atari - 68K running at 8MHz with 1MByte of RAM

Forthcoming functionality :

* Video hardware acceleration
* Native video anti-aliasing
* More audio hardware support
* USB host driver driver and stack (ties in with existing HAL for mass storage, HID et al)
* SMB - Windows type remote file systems and printing
* Remote (via internet) connectivity with home or office using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

Additional information :

* Built on an embedded OS (MDOS) - ie. designed to be extremely fast and deterministic
* All new MDOS functionality is echoed in Adelian where applicable

Proprietry Hardware :

* For a quote for porting Adelian to custom hardware, please contact us at

Licensing :

* Adelian is free to individual users
* Further pricing will be available soon

Downloads :

* Test downloads available now.

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