MDOS (Multi-tasking Disk Operating System) is an embedded OS, which runs on a number of CPUs and archictures. The main micro-kernel is less than 16KBytes in size, with additional libraries also being small and compact.

Designed from the ground up, it has inter-task communication, tasks & message queues only limited by memory, easy to use IO & IRQ handling, and libraries covering items such as high speed graphics, networking and communications (serial, IIC, SPI, TCP/IP) et al. All libraries are available in all versions (if relevant hardware support is present).

Being aimed directly at the embedded market, where Windows, WinCE and Linux are 'over kill'; MDOS can provide immediate and highly flexible solutions at an affordable price.

A full desktop replacement version of MDOS, called 'Adelian' is being developed for all supported CPUs. This is a fast and efficient OS replacement for desktops and laptop computers. Just think, a laptop, running an energy efficient ARM CPU, giving you email, web and office tools, which could run on batteries for days, not hours...

Although we have been creating great products for over 41 years, our experience for our main supported CPUs at Partis Computing, is 38 years experience with the 80x86, 37 years with ARM, 34 years with 68x00, and 17 years with the Renesas M16C.

Currently supported CPUs are :
i386+ on PC type platforms (including embedded and custom systems)
ARM platforms
68x00 platforms
Other CPUs can be added upon request

Current task/library list :
Look to the left of this text to see the list of tasks/libraries we currently support. This list is being constantly added to either by further development or by customer requests. We will add libraries freely if we feel a customer request is useful to most other customers.

Custom tasks/libraries and complete systems are chargable, please contact us at for a quote.

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