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7-Mar-2024 - Web Hosting Changed Again!

The Partis Computing website, along with many others, were hosted by us using a rented virtual server at "Cheap VPS Hosting UK" from 2019 until 2024. Whilst they were extremely economical, the support response times were not always as fast as we would like.

We are now in the process of moving everything to FastHosts.

20-Jun-2020 - Web Hosting Performance Increased

The Partis Computing website has been running a little slow for a while. It turns out to be reverse DNS checks, which have now been disabled.

27-Mar-2019 - Web Hosting Changed!

The Partis Computing website was hosted by UKServers/VirtualNames from 2001 until 2018. VirtualNames was then bought by, of whom we are not happy with.

We are now in the process of setting up our own web hosting service (, and are gradually migrating all our, and others, websites.

19-Mar-2017 - Website Updated!

The Partis Computing website has been moved to a new server, running a later version of PHP. Our core PHP code has been updated accordingly.

20-Mar-2012 - Website Fixed Yet Again!

The Partis Computing website successfully checked as "HTML 4.01 Transitional".

11-Jul-2010 - PayPal Payments Failing

It has come to our attention that some attempts to pay via PayPal have failed, with PayPal giving an error message. This has been due to an error on our website which has now been fixed.

10-Jan-2010 - Online Payments via PayPal

For the past 8 years, we have accepted online payments via WorldPay. As of January 2010, we have changed to PayPal for our online payments.

17-Nov-2008 - Surftec DigiFlash

Surftec's product DigiFlash, which includes CompactFlashFS and SmartMediaFS have been taken over by Partis Computing.

Partis Computing developed these products for Surftec Ltd in 2002.

Whilst Partis Computing have no stocks of the actual hardware, existing users are able to update their drivers and associated applications from Partis Computing.

31-Oct-2007 - Huge Price Reductions

Partis Computing has reduced the price on all Power-tec (RISC OS) products. For example, our market leading PowerZip which allows for the usage of parallel port Iomega Zip drives, is now only 15UKP.

Most Power-tec products are now 1/2 price or less!

01-Oct-2006 - Website Fixed Again!

The Partis Computing website is now W3C v0.7.2 compatable.

27-Jan-2006 - Website Fixed!

The Partis Computing website apperently had a number of W3 HTML violations which have now been fixed.

08-Nov-2005 - MDOS - the next choice in embedded PC OS systems

MDOS, an easy to use multitasking operating system, is now being actively developed at Partis Computing.

This basic system will be offered free to all up on release and will be compatible with all i386 based PC systems & above. A number commercial optimised versions will be available shortly afterwards giving huge speed increases in performance, multiple CPU targets (such as 80x86, ARM, 68K/Coldfire etc) , choice of co-operative & pre-emptive task switching, and lower CPU power consumption.

The initial 'free' version ought to be available at the end of Q4 2015, with the commercial versions being available for purchase at the end of Q2 2016.

Select the 'MDOS' link at the top of this page for more details.

15-May-2004 - Make Over

After 2 years of a largely unchanged website, we have given it a graphical make over!

05-May-2004 - Email Spoofing

We have been made aware that someone is using serveral of our email addresses to send spam. The spam does not originate from us or our servers; but instead the spammer places our email address in the 'senders' field of a spam email. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this.

07-Jan-2004 - RISC OS 5 (32bit) Software

!Speed, !Backup and !PowerMgr will now work on 32bit versions of RISC OS. Whilst the former two applications will quite happily work on RISC OS 5, the latter requires a 32bit Partis Computing file systems, which are not yet available.

10-Nov-2003 - Alsystems Website and email.

All Alsystems emails and access to their old website will be automatically routed to Partis Computing.

16-Oct-2003 - Support for DataSafe users.

Our PowerParallel software is fully compatable with APDL's DataSafe hardware.

30-Oct-2002 - 32bit Support

Partis Computing's range of File Systems for RISC OS based workstations are being updated to be 32bit aware.

This will allow our File Systems to work with versions of RISC OS which are purely 32bit (as opposed to a 26bit program counter).

These changes to our modules contain no 3rd party code and will be quietly phased into use over the coming months.

However, all applications (which happen to be written in C) will be released at a unspecified later date.

The eventual pricing scheme for 32bit support is very simple. If you have a maintenance contract on or after a 'as yet specified date' you will get 32bit support automatically!

Note that any File System which has a dependancy on specified hardware within the actual computer; and that hardware is not available - then that File System can obviously not work. These details will be made public in due course.

08-Oct-2002 - New Partis Domains

Partis Computing has two further domains - &

These domains will run along side

29-Sep-2002 - New Partis Domain

Partis Computing has a new domain -

This domain will run along side - effectively they are the same domain!

22-Sep-2002 - Price Rises

Due to increased overheads, we have had to raise our prices on all our products.

Partis Computing is run as a 'Cost Center' and needs to be profitable in it's own right, but due to expenditure for equipment etc, this is not now the case.

All prices on our web site have been updated to reflect this; although we still feel our product pricing still offers exceptional value for money.

18-Mar-2002 - Acceptance of Credit and Debit Cards

Partis Computing is pleased to announce it's web based e-shop.

Our web site can take online orders using credit/debit cards through a secure server - making payments from both with in and outside the UK much easier.

20-Mar-2001 - Change of Email and Web Domain

Partis Computing has a new domain -

Please ensure all emails are sent to this domain instead of

09-Mar-2000 - Partis takes over Morley SCSI support

Dr Jason Pia, Managing Director of Morley Electronic Systems Ltd, has given Partis Computing the 'go ahead' to take over the support and development of their 32bit Acorn/RiscOS products.

This mainly includes Morley's range of SCSI cards.

Users wishing to take advantage of this will need to purchase a Morley PowerROM from Partis Computing.

14-Feb-2000 - Partis takes over Power-tec

Partis Computing takes over the entire Power-tec range of products from Alsystems; as Alsystems change their market direction.

As Gary Partis developed 95% of Alsystem's Power-tec range of products; Partis Computing is in the best position to continue development and marketing.

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