Existing (non-registered) User Registration

You can register your Power-tec product ownership by completing this form, and you will then be emailed a UserNumber. If you have already been issued with a UserNumber and wish to change some fields, then please go to the 'Existing Users' section (option in the left hand panel).

Please only complete this form is you have never done so in the past.

Once you have received your UserNumber, you may also request software updates via our automated update system. Details of this will be automatically emailed to you. Please note that we must verify all registrations with Alsystems/Surftec original warranty cards and/or database prior to allowing software updates.

Please fill in this form...
Existing (non-registered) User Registration Form
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    Please specify which Power-tec products you have by entering their serial numbers or type

Power-tec SCSI Card Serial Number  

Power-tec IDE Card Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerZip Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerJaz Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerIDE Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerParallel Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerTape Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerATAPI Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerROM SCSI Card Type  

Power-tec PowerFLASH SCSI Card Type  

Power-tec PowerUSB Serial Number  

Power-tec PowerMMC Serial Number  

Power-tec DigiFlash (Compact Flash) Surftec Serial Number  

Power-tec DigiFlash (Smart Media) Surftec Serial Number  

ValidationTo ensure this form was not filled by a robot or a moronic scammer, please complete this simple maths question...

What is the sum of 9 and 1?

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